Who is Christina Lazar-Schuler?

I’m a portrait, fashion and editorial photographer. I’m a visual artist and my medium is photography.

I have always been a creative person. I started with traditional art materials as a child with paint, crayons, paper, etc. and as I matured over the years my interest in the visual arts evolved from traditional art mediums to contemporary digital mediums including photography.

Photography really captured my attention creatively because I had these images in my head that I couldn’t always translate to paper and canvas (drawing life portraits was never my strong suit). It has allowed me to take what’s in my head and create a visual story around it with images, colour and texture.

Photography is my way of capturing a moment in time; preserving an emotion whether it’s pleasure or pain. It’s my way of bringing a little bit of beauty into the world, one image at a time and all with with the press of a button. It is instant gratification.

I'm a relaxed and fun photographer, characteristics that shine through the lens and communicates my connection with my subject(s). I’m a seriously un-serious person, but when it comes to shooting, I'm efficient, easy-going and professional at all times.  As an experienced fashion / portrait photographer, I love the control of a studio shot photo session; equally important, are location shoots and the challenge that natural light presents. What I love even more, is the uncontrolled connection between myself and my subject/model. The energy of that connection is as unpredictable, spontaneous and exciting... it makes my job worth waking up for.

Style wise I would say that I strive to create images that are embued with life; it is my goal to capture images that you will remember for a long time.

Creative keywords for me are cinematic, fresh, bold and polished.