RAW 3.0

RAW 3.0 is a reboot of a personal project I shot in May 2014 and June 2018.

Originally, I was inspired by the artwork of Chuck Close, a noted portrait photographer. Recently, famed photographer Peter Lindbergh shot the 2017 Pirelli calendar and it has inspired me again to delve into the world of real, raw, untouched portraiture. 

Much of my work is fashion, beauty and editorial in nature, so the opportunity to work once again in a blatantly raw, unretouched format is refreshing. 

So. Here is the deal.

  • I will be capturing the RAW, real, 'undone' beauty portraits of Vancouver models and actors/actresses.

  • All captured images will be unretouched, bare faced, without makeup

  • These are “come as you are” photographs that reveal the REAL and RAW you under all the spit and polish.


Please complete the consent form below to be included in this rare, two-day open studio session at my home studio in North Delta.

Once you have completed the consent form, please visit the RAW 3.0 booking page to secure your time slot for the open studio session on August 25 or September 8, 2019.

2017 Pirelli Calendar: Julianne Moore Peter Lindbergh

2017 Pirelli Calendar: Julianne Moore
Peter Lindbergh

Name *
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Phone Number
Provide a link to your professional model and/or acting page - website or Instagram links only please. No FACEBOOK pages unless they are open to the public.
Consent *
I acknowledge and agree that I shall arrive to the RAW 3.0 photo sessions without any makeup or "done" hair and will be photographed either bare shoulder / chested or wearing a black / grey tank top. I acknowledge that if I arrive with visible makeup on, I may be asked to remove it and will do so without argument or hesitation. I will be photographed in my raw, undone state. I also acknowledge / agree that the photographer Christina Lazar-Schuler will NOT retouch or edit RAW 3.0 photos other than to convert them to B/W and perform basic exposure and white-balance corrections. All images are the sole copyright of Christina Lazar-Schuler the photographer and may only be used for the purposes of: (Model/Photographer) online portfolio and portfolio print/book, social media and marketing / self-promotion. (Photographer only) book publication, large scale prints for gallery display and/or exhibition, photography competitions and editorial magazine submissions. Further, the photographer will not sell, redistribute or use the images in any other way (stock photography, etc.) without the express approval and consent of the model.