Giving the Gift of Memories

The Holiday Season is slowly approaching (as evidenced by CHRISTMAS decor in Costco !!) and it's time of giving and sharing with loved ones. For many of us that means diving into the crazy that is the shopping mall; fighting lines, fighting prices and budgets. It's in this madness that we forget what our impact is on the environment and how much of our gifting garbage ends up in the landfill or set aside as yet another well meant, but unnecessary gift.

What if we thought about things differently?

What if we shared and gave memories and experiences as gifts instead?

These memories and experiences are the 'things' we look back on fondly over the years and remember with a warm glow in our hearts (and help save the planet a little bit at a time). A beautifully printed photo album or online slide show can bring back fond memories and warm, fuzzy feelings in a split second; can your PS4 or new sweater do that? Nope ;)

So with that in mind... From now until December 1st, 2014 I am offering for your holiday gifting consideration: the Gift of Memories in the form of family/lifestyle photography sessions.

I have put together two Gift of Memories packages just for the holidays they include:


Gift of Memories: the Mini Set| $329

  • Photo session at your home or on location for 90 minutes
  • Secure, private online proofing
  • 15 individually edited/styled full size, high-resolution images, with watermarks removed and photographer copyright embedded in digital file.
  • 1 – 8×10 glossy or matte photo prints of your choosing on archival Kodak Professional Supra Endura VC Digital papers
  • Beautiful print-ready gift certificate to include in a card to your gift recipient


Gift of Memories: the Biggie Set | $549

This package includes the following additional services:

  • Photo session at your home or on location for 2 hours
  • Secure, private online proofing
  • 35 individually edited/styled full size, high-resolution images, with watermarks removed and photographer copyright embedded in digital file
  • online slideshow/movie clip of your selected images
  • 3 – 8×10 glossy or matte photo prints of your choosing on archival Kodak Professional Supra Endura VC Digital papers
  • 20 page 5x7 or 8x8 'stay flat', hardcover album ($60 value)
  • Beautiful print-ready gift certificate to include in a card to your gift recipient

Please contact me as soon as possible to arrange for payment and the email delivery of your Gift of Memories gift certificate.

The Gift is redeemable anytime within the 2015 calendar year.

I accept VISA, M/C and Paypal for payment transactions.


In the midst of all the editorial and beauty photography, I also help out new agency represented models with test shoots and portfolio building. Today was one of those days... I offer an industry, special rate called the FRESH FACE rate for new models looking to build their experience and portfolios. Jesse and his mom got in touch with me following a referral from his agency Charles Stuart International (thanks Dusty!) and we took advantage of the great late summer weather to capture some new images for his portfolio.

At 16yrs, Jesse is a tall, handsome, quiet, man-boy with beautiful eyes, a shy smile and a ton of potential. We shot his Fresh Face session in my neighbourhood, making wardrobe changes easy and convenient and kept the styling fashion-casual by starting off with a denim / t-shirt look and finishing with a tailored Paul Smith suit. Here is one of my favorite shots from today.


Shout out to my fantastic creative team that included:

  • Elena Ismail: Grooming and Hair
  • Ghazal Elhaeli: Stylist
  • Mother Nature: lighting assistant ;)

For more from this Fresh Face shoot please visit Jesse's gallery and to learn more about booking a FRESH FACE session with me, check out my Rates page.

Last Drop of Summer

In a recently shot lifestyle editorial, model Rosie exudes the natural, effortless west coast style Vancouver is known for... natural makeup, long flowing hair with natural styling, light layers of clothing that are as stylish as they are easy and casual. It is a truly West Coast beauty and lifestyle session if I ever saw one. RosieBacklit-319

Published on Quixotte.com this week, a curated online fashion and art magazine, the Last Drop of Summer was shot on location, in the natural, early morning light along the scenic Richmond BC riverfront.

For more from this beautiful lifestyle editorial, please visit the Last Drop of Summer gallery.

Ginger Heat

Rachel is a rare commodity in the fashion / model world: She is a true ginger with flaming red hair, pale porcelain skin speckled with freckles and light blue/green eyes. I love shooting her :) Today. Rachel and I visited a location I've long wanted to shoot at; however, our timing was not ideal.

We initially had decided upon a late afternoon/early evening shoot to catch the yummy golden light of late summer but our schedule was thwarted by Mother Nature and the tidal patterns of the day... Since we wanted to access the beach front and the remnants of an old mill along Burrard Inlet, we needed to shoot when the tide was at its lowest - 11am. A photographer's nightmare was unfolding before me in the form of harsh sunlight, heavy shadows and glare. Ah well, to get the location at the low tide I had to suck it up and as Tim Gunn says "make it work". So, we did!

From 1030am-1pm we shot on the mucky banks of Burrard Inlet. We climbed old, ruined structures, scattered bricks, dodged dried crabshells and I huffed & puffed my way along a trail path whilst schlepping my 20lb bag of gear and reflectors. I was a hot, sweaty mess by the end of it but we did it. Shooting at high noon was by no means ideal, but we got it done and have some gorgeous captured images for our efforts. All it takes is a bit of creative thinking, a well placed reflector and changing HOW you work with your camera.

For more from the Ginger Heat shoot, please click here

Thanks Rachel for slogging through the muck - you were a real trooper! Can't wait until the big EPIC AUTUMN shoot later this month...

Source: http://christinalazarschuler.com/wp-conten...

Playin' on the Pier

Through this mad, crazy fashion and photography industry I have been fortunate to make some amazing new friends; these like minded individuals include photographers, make-up and hair artists, designers and models. One of my favorite people (who also happens to be an amazing model) spent Saturday and part of Sunday with me this weekend. Over the last 24+hrs we...

  • shot a fashion spread for freshlyWORN Magazine (with another favorite Michelle Baker)
  • indoctrinated Michelle into the GoT series with 4 back-to-back episodes of Season 1
  • nerded out over my husband copious, mint 1980s Star Wars collection
  • dined on my famous bbq pulled-pork and scratch made mac 'n' cheese
  • enjoyed my hubby's oatmeal cookies
  • finished off food-fest (yes! models DO eat) with homemade almond rocha (aka: CRACK!)
  • and then today, Karie and I played on a local heritage pier.

Here is the gorgeous Karie, who I'm so pleased to call a dear friend... Love you sweetie <3


Sneak peek...

Shot on location in an enclosed parkade (with permission). I love me some shutter drag combined with on-trend styling to create an image with bite :) Thanks to my team including:

  • Elena Ismail - MU/H
  • Lacey-June Berry - stylist
  • Coho - model Charles Stuart International Models

More to come soon...