technical patience | richmond fashion photographer

I absolutely hate it when technical issues come up on a shoot... yesterday was such a day. Our instructors at Langara [where i'm taking the Commercial Photography Program] often tell us that most of our time as photographers is spent 'trouble shooting' a photo session. Trouble shooting can mean anything from wrangling your photo subject(s), lighting in difficult indoor/outdoor situations, working in a limited amount of time, camera failures, strobe and small strobe failures, weather, etc... Well yesterday certainly tested my patience and trouble shooting abilities :/

Nothing... and i mean nothing makes me crazier than when my flashes don't cooperate. I'm firing away and poof, no flash, no pop, no light. In a studio environment, I can't even explain how much that sucks. It sucks - hard. It causes delays, makes me feel flustered and makes me seem inept in my view - even though technical equipment failures are out of my control. I mean really, if you change out your small strobe batteries, switch out the batteries on your triggers, switch from a fully charged power pack to another fully charged power pack what more can you do but hope and pray, each time you press the shutter release, that your irritatingly tempermental flash will fire? Um yup... there was a lot of cursing and praying at the same time last night LOL!

I have to thank Christie Romanowski and MUA Mariana Padilla for their patience last night as my 580ex canon flash decided to take a siesta periodically through our twice rescheduled beauty shoot. They were the picture [grin] of patience and understanding. Christie in particular was a real trooper, holding poses through two sometimes five shots waiting for my tempermental flash to fire. Thanks chickie - you were awesome.

Anyways... I love being a photographer. I love the creative aspect of coming up with the idea of the shoot, the wardrobe selection, the accessorizing process - really I love it all. I'm so NOT a fan of unhappy, misbehaving equipment.

In the end the pictures look great. Christie looks beautiful, elegant and saucy in the photos ;) The lighting was good [when it worked] and overall I'm pleased with the shoot.

Next is the editing [see screenshot below], but right now? I'm going outside into the garden to curse and bury my 580ex in the flowerbed.