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i've been submitting my work to magazines for a little while now. Large magazines, small ones, online and print independent ones... the list goes on. while i know that the process of selecting photography for magazines is tedious and only the best is selected, i feel that sometimes preference is shown to photographers that the magazines are familiar with and not necessarily who's new and fresh. so.... while i toil away trying to get published in a recognized, followed fashion magazine, i thought i would publish my own. go figure huh? lol =) by day i'm a graphic designer and publisher for a large city. i design reports, advertising, magazine/guides and brochures. i have self-published numerous books including landscape books, mixed media portrait books and in 2011 i designed and published a significant book for the city of richmond chronicling the journey of the 2010 olympic winter games in richmond bc. this large, hardcover book now resides with hundreds of individuals who purchased the book, with the city in its archives and museum, with VANOC chairman John Furlong, with Jacque Rogue IOC president and is among the premier reference material available for future Olympic cities. you could say that i have some 'street cred'  when it comes to publishing.

that said, i have always wanted to publish a magazine and with today's print and online media technology, its now possible! so here we go..

welcome to the official ‘unofficial’ launch of freshlyWORN magazine! this is the working title of the magazine and it may change, but what will not change is my promise to provide fresh, emerging talent in the photography, make-up, hair and model areas of fashion and culture.

here is where you can help… while yes, as an emerging photographer i will be self-publishing my own work in the magazine [come on... you know that was why i started this whole thing right?!? right!], i am looking for photographers, stylists, make-up artists and models to submit their best and freshest work for consideration in the publication.

the basic details:

  • freshlyWORN is a quarterly photo-based magazine with little writing, unless someone submits some really profound article [because I'm not a copy editor - trust me on that lol].
  • there will be a theme-less instagram component because i love the square format so much. send me something cool, fashion, cultural, edgy and it will be considered.
  • there is no compensation for your submissions and you will have to purchase your own print version magazines; however, if your work is selected for publication, you will be given access to high res PDFs of the publication via secure ftp download.
  • all submissions have strict deadlines and submissions sent after the deadline will not be included in the upcoming issue
  • all magazines will have basic theme(s), but contributors are encouraged to send in non-themed work for consideration too… you never know what will stick
submission guidelines:
  • contributors should submit no less than 6 to a maximum of 12 images for consideration
  • email all submission images in one email conforming to the following: - minimum pixel size: 1000px to a maximum 2000px on long image side @ 100ppi - AdobeRGB or sRGB are preferred - watermark may be included as long as it does not interfere with image content
  • email complete team information with the submission including model(s), stylist, make-up artist, hairstylist, assistant (if applicable)
  • all models must sign a standard model release form to be considered for publication – note:  you do NOT have to include this with the initial submission, but it must be available upon request!
  • in email be sure to include wardrobe information and details such as clothing designer, shoes, accessory designers, websites, etc… please note: this will be a magazine that encourages emerging artists [both visual and textile] and the use of local designers is encouraged
  • name of shoot – if applicable
  • brief description of the shoot creative – if applicable
  • submit files and information to: SUBMISSION(AT)CHRISTINALAZARSCHULER.COM
submission selection:
  • all submissions are subject to a selection process [by me and other photographers/artists] and will be chosen based on theme interpretation, uniqueness, creativity and photographic excellence
  • all submissions will be reviewed and selected contributors will be contacted within 4 days of the deadline close
  • if your work is selected for the magazine, you will be contacted and asked for high resolution images that are 8.5×11″ at 300ppi
  • all selected work must be available within 5 days of notification to meet publishing deadline
  • model release must be provided with final high resolution image submission or will be subject to rejection

deadline for first issue is May 31, with a publication date of June 21 - the first day of summer. 

themes for volume 1 are inspired from the 2012 spring/summer runway collections:


image sources:


image sources:


image sources:

watch for a new section of the filmWERX Studio website devoted to the magazine in the coming weeks and stay tuned to this blog for updates and inspiration for the inaugural issue of freshlyWORN magazine.

feel free to forward this info to your photographer, model, MUA and stylist friends.

i'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with...