TITANIUM: published in Obscurae Magazine

I always love it when I can get an editorial picked up, and love it even more when it's in a new magazine I've not yet been published in. This time around it was a beauty editorial entitled: TITANIUM and it was published today in Obscurae Magazine, a first time for me in this publication.

Featuring one of my absolute favorite models Michelle Baker, this editorial is comprised of 6 painterly looks that escalate from lightly textured brush strokes to heavily smeared/blended makeup with TITANIUM WHITE as its base. Titanium white is a staple and backbone to any visual artist's paint palette and is a foundation colour (or non-colour) that is easily adapted to different situations. For example:

  • add layered brush strokes and it becomes a lattice of pattern and texture
  • mix it with colour and it becomes a pastel tint of the richer, pure pigment
  • use it alone for emphasis, mystery and masking


  • The focus of this editorial was Michelle Baker's exquisite, ever changing, expressive face;  I have long considered her to be one of my photographic muses (not sure you knew that MB - but you do now lol!). She is a joy to work with and her sweet, quiet ways and hard hugs bring out the mother hen in me.
  • MUAH Heidi Cheung and I haven't worked together in a while, so this shoot was a great opportunity for both of us to catch up, put together some beautiful, creative looks and capture some gorgeous shots of Michelle.

I'm thrilled to finally be able to share this lovely set and hope that you like it as much as I do.

Check out the editorial here or visit my Flickr account for the complete editorial set.