perfection in 4 minutes | richmond fashion retoucher

I often get asked how I go from a raw image to a fashion or beauty shoot final look. The first thing is retouching.

  1. I clean up the skin by removing blemishes and imperfections [and at the request of some models, moles] NOTE: most models have really great skin, so minimal retouching required in most cases; it's just a matter of perfecting the beauty shot.
  2. then I refine the skin with a custom action I developed in Photoshop for myself
  3. next, bring back texture with grain
  4. refine and resharpen as needed
  5. then once the skin is great, I'll play with the colour for a more fashion-forward/editorial look

here is my workflow in 4 minutes. NOTE: the actual retouching took about 8 minutes.