Retouching and colour grading

I enjoy retouching. Photoshop is my zen place. It's where I go when I feel like tinkering with colour, compositing and 'digital dermatology'. After a weekend of boxes, dust and debris in the home we are packing up, I felt like I needed a bit of art therapy so tonight I tinkered with a colour grading technique to create a more cinematic, cross-processed image.

Below is result of my play and includes a series of three images from an editorial I had published in early 2013, featuring Karie Holst

  • the first image is a raw, unedited and unretouched version
  • the center image is the retouched and colour corrected version of the raw image
  • the last image is the colour graded, final version

All the editing was completed in Photoshop CC 2014, using non-destructive editing techniques including frequency separation for the skin retouch and adjustment layers for the colour grading.


To view a higher resolution version of this image, please click on the photo.