RAW: real and wonderful

I'm so happy to finally have my RAW project completed! Photographed in their RAW form without makeup, hairstyling or wardrobe, my beautiful and brave models allowed to capture a wide range of their emotions from pensiveness to outright laughter. They are beautiful, simple, thoughtful images that exude naked confidence in a world that is consumed with perfection.

Part 1 of the release of these personal images is the completion of a coffee table worthy book. Part 1 is now complete and individual books can be ordered through blurb.com.

Part 2 of the RAW project is getting these images printed, HUGE, and hanging them in a gallery exhibit. I'm working on that now and hope to have good news about it in the coming months.

A special thank you goes out to my tribe of brave, trusting models. You did what a lot of others in the industry couldn't: you allowed yourself to be photographed without "hair and makeup". Bravo! Your courage, trust and belief in my project is deeply appreciated. I hope you love your RAW selves as much as I do.

To view the RAW: Real and Wonderful gallery, please click here.