I'm a lucky girl...

I get the privilege and joy of working with beautiful people (inside and out), creative stylists and magicians of hair and makeup on a regular basis. It's this team effort and collaboration that I thoroughly enjoy and it's why I love being a photographer... The planning and thoughtfulness that goes into a creative editorial or beauty shoot gets my blood pumping. Deciding on lighting schemes, conceptualizing the editorial, planning the overall look and 'vibe' we want to convey, researching and pouring over magazines, paintings and artworks until my eyes are bleeding (no no, not really lol)... It's so inspiring being and working with like minded creative individuals.  As Austin Powers would says, "It's my bag baby!"

Recently I had a session with two people from among my favorites in the industry: model Emily Rose - a truly beautiful soul inside and out and Victoria Ho - an amazing, talented MUA and hairstylist. With these two, to say still waters run deep is an understatement.  Emily has a way of quietly staring me down through the lens that is rare in a young model. She is self possessed and quietly confident in a way that I never could, nor will, be in my lifetime; but, I always manage crack her up and have developed a collection of Emily outtakes that are hysterical :)  Victoria is passionate about her craft, thoughtful (she gave me chocolates for Christmas last year!), kind hearted and very very good at the art of making people beautiful.

Here are a few words from Victoria about me... She was very kind and I am humbled:

Christina has a strong passion for photos.  Her positive energy brings the whole team on set focused on one common goal - best images.  I had the opportunity to work with her and the images I get back are always above my expectations.  She is an inspiring perfectionist.

Here are a few photos from my recent shoot with these two lovely ladies. Thank you again girls for trusting me with your photography... I appreciate and look forward to working with you again soon!

Emily RELAXED-255