happy new year & new look

301265_10151372731466062_507354483_n have you ever wondered how a vacationing photographer / designer spends new year's eve eve? why redesigning and rebuilding her website of course, lol!

every time the new year rolls around it seems that i need to change my site. i just can't leave things alone can i?  this time, in an effort to show more images in larger format with more dynamic style, i've switched from my 'slider' site to this widescreen, responsive design. i kinda love it and after 14 hours of coding, creating and uploading it is pretty darn close to perfect. a few flaws remain related to old posts with old image sizing, but for now i'll live with it [my butt is numb from sitting all day coding].

as i re-entered my portfolio images into the new site design, it gave me a chance to review and re-examine some of my work in 2012. overall, it was a productive and exciting 2012 with many shoots, a number of published editorials in independant fashion magazines, the start-up of my OWN magazine freshlyWORN and looking forward, i have high hopes for 2013...

with that thought, i'm winding down for the evening [or should i say early morning - ugh!] and make my way to sleep. later today i will celebrate the new year with the rest of the world...

so my last bloggy words for 2012 are that i hope you all had a wonderful, love filled festive holiday season and wish you an exciting, creative and photography filled 2013.

be safe, have fun this evening and watch for new posts and editorial albums coming in 2013 - it's only 24 hours away afterall ;)