Ginger Heat

Rachel is a rare commodity in the fashion / model world: She is a true ginger with flaming red hair, pale porcelain skin speckled with freckles and light blue/green eyes. I love shooting her :) Today. Rachel and I visited a location I've long wanted to shoot at; however, our timing was not ideal.

We initially had decided upon a late afternoon/early evening shoot to catch the yummy golden light of late summer but our schedule was thwarted by Mother Nature and the tidal patterns of the day... Since we wanted to access the beach front and the remnants of an old mill along Burrard Inlet, we needed to shoot when the tide was at its lowest - 11am. A photographer's nightmare was unfolding before me in the form of harsh sunlight, heavy shadows and glare. Ah well, to get the location at the low tide I had to suck it up and as Tim Gunn says "make it work". So, we did!

From 1030am-1pm we shot on the mucky banks of Burrard Inlet. We climbed old, ruined structures, scattered bricks, dodged dried crabshells and I huffed & puffed my way along a trail path whilst schlepping my 20lb bag of gear and reflectors. I was a hot, sweaty mess by the end of it but we did it. Shooting at high noon was by no means ideal, but we got it done and have some gorgeous captured images for our efforts. All it takes is a bit of creative thinking, a well placed reflector and changing HOW you work with your camera.

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Thanks Rachel for slogging through the muck - you were a real trooper! Can't wait until the big EPIC AUTUMN shoot later this month...