Studio Sessions

catching up

Since my self-imposed holiday / shooting hiatus came to an end in mid-January I've been back shooting in the studio on a more regular basis. I'd love to share some of new work but due to publication embargoes and potential "pick-ups" I can't really share much other than a few sneak peeks from the first 6-8 weeks of photography in 2015.

On the books in various stages of completion are:

  • a complicated creative beauty shoot - loosely entitled "Smoke and Mirrors" and features model Ira and MUA/H Jenn Vautour
  • a raw, natural beauty shoot with Rosie, with hair by Jenn Mathison and MU by Savannah St. Jean
  • a glitzy, beauty shoot with Sydney [Family Management] with hair by Katie Webster, MU by Victoria Ho and styled by Taylor Ramsay

In the can and out for publication are:

  • a tribal inspired editorial entitled "We R One Tribe" with Dakota Felow, MUA/H Leah Cuff and stylists Taylor Ramsay and Janelle Knihnitski
  • a fur and sophisticated lingerie editorial entitled "FURocious" with Karie Holst, MUA/H Elena Ismail and stylist Sarah D'Arcey

Here are the sneaks... enjoy!

untitled shoot-035D2  tribal-dakota-296 untitled-shoot-086-2  Furocious KARIE-417-2   SYDNEY-235

Comp Card design services!

I was invited to an agency open casting recently. It was a ton of fun, but the one thing that surprised me was the lack of consistency in the comp cards models provided to the photographers, stylists, etc. The comp cards we received were everything from handwritten information on the back of 8x10 photos, poorly printed 8.5x11 low res images folded in half, 4x6 and 5x7 photos with handwritten info, business cards and the list goes on. I applaud their efforts, but my visual and graphic designer sensibilities were deeply offended lol ;)

So, in an effort to help out the local talent including models, actors, muas, etc. I have decided to offer comp card design and print services. It shouldn't be that hard (or expensive) to get well-designed cards that provide all the info you need in beautifully printed card and if it is, you need to find a better solution. I'm that solution!

Here are the details and examples for both a model and an actors comp card:

7-day Design & Print

  • Size: 5.5 x 8"
  • 250 pieces
  • Silk matte finish 16pt cardstock
  • full bleed both sides
  • $225 + GST

14-day Design & Print

  • Size: 5.5 x 8"
  • 500 pieces
  • Matte finish 16pt cardstock
  • full bleed both sides
  • $250 + GST

Interested? Shoot me an email and let's talk!

the dark mysterious place known as compositing...

Playin' with the 'shop and exercising my compositing chops for a few minutes this evening... just goes to show you that the right studio shot combined with the right background can yield interesting and mysterious results.

Fashion editorial image of Karie Holst from our Shakespeare Westwood editorial with hair and makeup by Elena Ismail.

Black body suit by BlackMilk Clothing, plaid skirt by April Peters [The House Gallery Boutique]; jewelry accessories by Stella + Dot, Forever 21, Top Shop and H&M.

Grunge, urban decay background sourced from BigStockPhoto.

RAW: a personal project

Today, I am announcing a personal project for 2014:RAW by Christina Lazar-Schuler | filmWERX Studio Inspired by the artwork of Chuck Close, noted portrait photographer.

I capture images of beautiful and stylish people and I LOVE what I do! They are the images of beauty that we aspire to in our own lives; perfect skin, beautiful hair, stylish wardrobe, etc.  However, in a world filled with gloss, glamour and 'perfection' we sometimes lose sight of the real, raw person inside.

Vancouver is a city filled with beautiful people and a lot of them have become models. These men and women are made-up, dressed-up and retouched into the best, shiniest and most perfect version of themselves. What if we saw them as we see ourselves everyday in the morning mirror? Fresh out of bed, no make-up, no hairstyling, wearing a rumpled t-shirt (or nothing at all!) and putting their best foot forward to start a new day.

In this very personal project, I want to explore the raw, unfinished side of modeling. I want to document that real, raw person under all the makeup and hairspray. Undone, unmade, unretouched. I want to capture the authentic you.

Like the title of this project, the captured images will be unretouched, you will be captured bare faced, ungroomed, in "come as you are" photographs that reveal the REAL and RAW you under all the spit and shine. Here are the details:

DATE: March 22, 2014 from 2-7pm LOCATION: Film2Frame Studio - 655 Front Street, New Westminster NOTES:

  1. I will be casting up to 25 model - both men & women.
  2. Agency models are preferred, but not mandatory.
  3. Inclusion in this project is limited to the first 25 models that sign up.
  4. A wait list will be available in the event of drop-outs.
  5. You will be required to sign a photo release
  6. Ensure that you have a guardian (if you are underage) available the day of the shoot to sign the release.
  7. All photos will be captured 'shot gun style' on one day only.
  8. If you cannot attend on the date of the shoot, your spot will be given to another model, etc...
  9. This is a TFP project so you will be compensated with up to 3 high resolution images for your portfolio.

To sign up for this project, please complete the form below. I look forward to meeting and capturing the real, RAW you.

compositing for fun

sometimes the creative juices hit a slow point... the edits are becoming tedious... I've just got no mojo. those are the times that I try doing some 'just for fun' composites to exercise my creative muscles. here are just a few quick ones I've done over the last few weeks. i didn't spend a ton of time on these... maybe 15-30 minutes each and it's a good, quick exercise in tone matching, masking, and styling images. i hope you like them :) kysaComposite2


I'm a lucky girl...

I get the privilege and joy of working with beautiful people (inside and out), creative stylists and magicians of hair and makeup on a regular basis. It's this team effort and collaboration that I thoroughly enjoy and it's why I love being a photographer... The planning and thoughtfulness that goes into a creative editorial or beauty shoot gets my blood pumping. Deciding on lighting schemes, conceptualizing the editorial, planning the overall look and 'vibe' we want to convey, researching and pouring over magazines, paintings and artworks until my eyes are bleeding (no no, not really lol)... It's so inspiring being and working with like minded creative individuals.  As Austin Powers would says, "It's my bag baby!"

Recently I had a session with two people from among my favorites in the industry: model Emily Rose - a truly beautiful soul inside and out and Victoria Ho - an amazing, talented MUA and hairstylist. With these two, to say still waters run deep is an understatement.  Emily has a way of quietly staring me down through the lens that is rare in a young model. She is self possessed and quietly confident in a way that I never could, nor will, be in my lifetime; but, I always manage crack her up and have developed a collection of Emily outtakes that are hysterical :)  Victoria is passionate about her craft, thoughtful (she gave me chocolates for Christmas last year!), kind hearted and very very good at the art of making people beautiful.

Here are a few words from Victoria about me... She was very kind and I am humbled:

Christina has a strong passion for photos.  Her positive energy brings the whole team on set focused on one common goal - best images.  I had the opportunity to work with her and the images I get back are always above my expectations.  She is an inspiring perfectionist.

Here are a few photos from my recent shoot with these two lovely ladies. Thank you again girls for trusting me with your photography... I appreciate and look forward to working with you again soon!

Emily RELAXED-255