Random Mumbling

on working with others...

I love to work in a collaborative team environment and truth be told, I can't accomplish nearly half of what I do without the team of MUAs, hairstylists, wardrobe stylists and models I work with. As the saying goes... It takes a village ;) Here are some recent testimonials from the people I have worked with over the last few months...

Amanda Bond - MUAH "I love working with Christina. She is always professional, super organized, fun and always makes the models (mua's & Designers) feel comfortable. Love her home baked treats too! ;)"

Chevvy Piston - Model Christina at Filmwerx is one of the most creative and professional photographers I have worked with. She is patient and kind, and has an excellent eye for that special shot. I would highly recommend working with her!

Heidi Cheung - MUAH Christina is the best!! I'm a makeup artist and I have shot with Christina quite a few times. She's organized, professional, photos are ALWAYS gorgeous, very speedy and very on top of things. I never had to hunt down photos after shoots (which happens often in this industry), and if photos get published it would have been Christina's hard work in finding out which magazine works best. She is a load of fun to shoot with!!

Interested in working together? Please check out my rates and feel free to shoot me an email.

putting my photoshop skills to work

i love RDJ. I've often said that he is the ONLY man i would ever consider leaving my husband for...  so to celebrate the opening of IronMan 3 two weeks ago, i created this composite in photoshop from a movie poster i found online and an old selfie of myself. here is the result of 5 minutes of play =)


shooting and editing like a mad woman

so funny that a month that looks fairly open [well open schedule-wise for me lol] suddenly gets booked up. HEAVILY booked up in a matter of days. i haven't had much time to come up for air since i've either been shooting or editing for weeks. the fruits of my labour this month and previously will be paying off soon with the reveal of at least 4 new editorials that have been embargoed until their press dates.

two editorials are coming out in june, only a few weeks away... and two more will be coming in late june and early july. it's been super busy but i am loving every exhausting, sweaty, frazzled minute of it ;)

stay tuned...

published: Cirque du Couture in Dark Beauty Magazine

Cirque du Couture my cirque vintage portrait inspired editorial is now out in Dark Beauty magazine! Many thanks to my outstanding team that included:

Thank you all for your efforts in this epic 8 model, 3 MUA and stylist shoot. I love you all =)

happy new year & new look

301265_10151372731466062_507354483_n have you ever wondered how a vacationing photographer / designer spends new year's eve eve? why redesigning and rebuilding her website of course, lol!

every time the new year rolls around it seems that i need to change my site. i just can't leave things alone can i?  this time, in an effort to show more images in larger format with more dynamic style, i've switched from my 'slider' site to this widescreen, responsive design. i kinda love it and after 14 hours of coding, creating and uploading it is pretty darn close to perfect. a few flaws remain related to old posts with old image sizing, but for now i'll live with it [my butt is numb from sitting all day coding].

as i re-entered my portfolio images into the new site design, it gave me a chance to review and re-examine some of my work in 2012. overall, it was a productive and exciting 2012 with many shoots, a number of published editorials in independant fashion magazines, the start-up of my OWN magazine freshlyWORN and looking forward, i have high hopes for 2013...

with that thought, i'm winding down for the evening [or should i say early morning - ugh!] and make my way to sleep. later today i will celebrate the new year with the rest of the world...

so my last bloggy words for 2012 are that i hope you all had a wonderful, love filled festive holiday season and wish you an exciting, creative and photography filled 2013.

be safe, have fun this evening and watch for new posts and editorial albums coming in 2013 - it's only 24 hours away afterall ;)


Temporarily 'out of service'

Hello! Please note that I will be without my beloved and well used iMac for the next 7-8 days while she is being repaired with a new harddrive. As per the recent Apple iMac recall, she is getting a new brain and storage. Emails will be responded to via my iPhone or online as per usual, however any photography work is temporarily suspended until mid-next week. Thank you for your patience. I appreciate it.

Been a crazy month!

I'm waaaaaay behind on blogging. but you know, life sometimes just gets in the way! so what's been keeping me off the blog? well, lets see...

  • i've had a few pieces of GREAT news come my way... such as my candyland beauty story is now officially published in Stilo magazine - which you can see here: www.stilomag.com- and my chaplin goes gangsta editorial has been picked up by thelinen magazine for their october issue
  • i've been doing freelance graphic design work for a client that has basically eaten up my august
  • i've been editing a very cool highland duchess beauty story that was shot in early august and will soon be published (fingers crossed!)
  • i've shot a wedding and i am currently wading through 900+ photos that will be cut down to about 350+
  • i've been printing 16x20 photographs for a gallery exhibition i'm doing this weekend

its been busy month!

shoots that i can post images from will be updated this weekend. and i should be back to more regular blogging after labour day. the summer has flown by - filled with photography, birthdays, vacations, freelance work and more. hopefully the fall will settle down a bit and i can take a breath. if not... i'd better buckle up and get ready for the ride!


fall 2012 inspiration boards | freshlyWORN Magazine

with the submission deadline for the summer 2012 Launch Issue of freshlyWORN coming to a close tomorrow at midnight, i thought is was appropriate to plant the seeds for the fall 2012 issue and give all you photographers, designers and stylists [make-up, hair and wardrobe] an idea of what is to come... there are fall fashion themes that always seem to resurface. each fall, year after year, we see pattern, texture and shapes that are eerily familiar, yet somehow different. colour palettes get tweaked; patterns get refreshed; hem lines go up [and down]; and textures get bumped into high gear. so, with that in mind, i give you the freshlyWORN fall 2012 | Issue 2 themes:

FROST: this one is all about texture, the prelude to winter snow with frosty patterns, icy make-up and cozy knits [images source: fashiongonerogue.com]

Jim Dandy:  a favorite of mine... menswear tailored for women. think herringbone and tweedy jackets with beautifully tailored trousers and sharp button-down shirts. inject some 'flavor' with quirky ties and hats and voila - you've got a fabulous mix and the ultimate 'girly boy'. [images source: fashiongonerogue.com]

Mad for Plaid: this timeless, classic fall favorite is perpetually resurrected with subtle and not-so-subtle tweaks each fall. the perfect 'back-to-school' pattern, this season we'll be seeing the traditional plaid in a variety of colours, including influences from the summer 80s trend of neon. this is not your momma's plaid! [images source: fashiongonerogue.com]

deadline for submissions for freshlyWORN | fall 2012 Issue 02 will be midnight september 7. the publication will be available in print and online on september 21.

to submit/contribute to the next edition of freshlyWORN, please visit our online submission page and for updates on the magazine, submission deadlines, and inspiration visit our facebook page