Been a crazy month!

I'm waaaaaay behind on blogging. but you know, life sometimes just gets in the way! so what's been keeping me off the blog? well, lets see...

  • i've had a few pieces of GREAT news come my way... such as my candyland beauty story is now officially published in Stilo magazine - which you can see here: and my chaplin goes gangsta editorial has been picked up by thelinen magazine for their october issue
  • i've been doing freelance graphic design work for a client that has basically eaten up my august
  • i've been editing a very cool highland duchess beauty story that was shot in early august and will soon be published (fingers crossed!)
  • i've shot a wedding and i am currently wading through 900+ photos that will be cut down to about 350+
  • i've been printing 16x20 photographs for a gallery exhibition i'm doing this weekend

its been busy month!

shoots that i can post images from will be updated this weekend. and i should be back to more regular blogging after labour day. the summer has flown by - filled with photography, birthdays, vacations, freelance work and more. hopefully the fall will settle down a bit and i can take a breath. if not... i'd better buckle up and get ready for the ride!