Online profile portraits - it's a good thing!

I was recently approached by a new client for headshots/portraits after seeing my recent shoot with friend and hairstylist Katie.

Sherry (new client) had a very specific mandate for the session: create a set of portraits that reflected her personality, her zest for life and that she would be happy to post ONLINE and give her kids. Sherry is a modern, mature lady of 60+ years and she wanted the photos to update her ONLINE social and dating profiles. Talk about a forward thinking lady and so in keeping with the person I met today in the studio: fun, fiesty, stylish and confident!

I really enjoy my job and today I captured what I think are authentic "Sherry" images. Yeah there were a few goofy faces, a few closed eyes and odd looking smiles, but that happens with even the best and most experienced of models (right Amilee and Emily? LOL!)

We spent a lot of time talking during the shoot. Me asking questions, telling silly stories and generally trying to put her at ease and based on our results today, I'd like to think it worked. I always find it's best to get to know your subject so the images captured reflect a REAL, AUTHENTIC version of the person in front of your lens. It isn't always easy capturing authentic portraits. Sometimes people are shy. Sometimes people just aren't chatty (like me LOL). In the end though, it's the connection between me and my subject that counts; that's the authenticity I seek in portraits and in my books, today was a very good day.

What I really admire about Sherry is that she took the bull by the horns and decided that as a mature woman, she wanted a REAL photograph of herself for her online profile. Not a poorly lit, out of focus, mediocre selfie that doesn't come close to representing who she is. Nope. Not for this lady! She wanted a portrait image that gives you a bit more of a peek into her dynamic personality. It's smart and refreshing. I wish more people did that!

Personally, I always prefer viewing an unfiltered portrait of someone having a genuinely good time and loving life vs. wondering why the Valencia IG filter is so popular LOL. No one looks good with a sallow skin tone, just sayin'  ;) So, I'm throwing this out there...

If YOU want a portrait session that can fulfill your needs for a solid, REAL online profile photo - a photo that you can be proud to both share online and print for your family - consider giving me a shot. I'd love to help and am available for bookings.