I love doing portraits of my friends and I'm always humbled when it's one of my industry friends making the request.  Yesterday was such a moment.

Literally squeezed in during my Homage to Asian beauty shoot, hair stylist, colourist and Redken educator Katie Webster Hair asked if I could make some time for her and take some new headshots for Redken and her personal website. Of course I would make time for her!! So between beauty looks, I snapped a few quick portraits of my friend.

When someone working in the local fashion/beauty industry asks me to be THEIR personal portrait photographer, I view it as a priviledge and appreciate the incredible validation that comes with the request. There are literally dozens of photographers in the city that could have been asked, but my friend, who I love working with and hanging out with on set (and who also insisted on paying me even though I said no) asked ME... How could I say no?

There were many from the quick portrait session that I love... but this one, to me, epitomizes this fire cracker of a woman. Mischievous grin, a twinkle in the eye and radiating the fun from every pore! Thank you for getting in touch and asking me to be your photographer, we must get together again soon :)  xoxoxo