Punk Princess inspired fashion editorial: Spring 2016 


  • Date: Saturday or Sunday March 13 or 27 - to be determined
  • Call-Time: 12pm for hair and makeup. Photography to start at 230pm.
  • Location: SFU campus for shoot

Concept: punk princess inspired by the attached image. Think pastel hair, punk hair styling, ripped tank tops, safety pins, fish net, mesh sleeves, black/white colour palette with hits of bright red and green colour. Basically Sid Vicious meets Barbie!

Model requirements:

I am looking ideally for agency repped models for this shoot, but because of the very specific hair look I'm going for I understand that may not be possible, so I'm opening this casting up to any/all models who can meet the requirements below.

  • Hair: must be coloured!!
    • Ideally pink, blue or green.
    • If not coloured, you must be light BLONDE for colour toning in post-production via photoshop. No exceptions!!!
    • Dark brown/brunettes please do not apply. Sorry :(
  • Hair length: medium to short is ideal for the spiky, crazy looks we will be going for. Short, heavily layered bobs or pixie cuts are awesome!
  • Height/weight: minimum 5'9 with a long, lanky yoga body. I am looking for lean physiques that epitomize the punk aesthetic, but NOT SKINNY!!
  • Skin tone: I'm open to any ethnicity as long as you can meet the hair and height/weight requirements.


This is a TFP shoot that is gear towards late spring / summer magazine submissions. You will be compensated with:

  • magazine TEARSHEETS
  • high resolution, professionally retouched images (approximately 12-18) for your books, online and social media portfolios.

If you have read this far and meet the requirements above, please EMAIL me a LINK to your professional online portfolio, NOT FACEBOOK PAGE. All EOIs can be sent to: The successful candidate will be contacted by February 15 with scheduling details.